Global migration sprint day - Monday May 23

As I wrote in my last blog post, I'd like to try doing regular sprint days for Drupal 8 migration. These will be a bit more informal than than a conference sprint - basically, a day when anyone interested in helping move the migration system from its experimental status to a fully supported subsystem of Drupal core can show up in #drupal-migrate, or just pick a relevant issue and start working on it.

DrupalCon NOLA migration sprint summary

DrupalCon NOLA is over - perhaps too soon for those of us who love this great city, or perhaps just soon enough for those who have given Drupal and the city of New Orleans every last ounce of energy they had this past week.

We had a very productive week sprinting for migration - it may not be reflected in the number of commits made by the end of the extended sprints, but we'll see the fruits over the coming weeks. Our focus was on triaging the issue queue, and on diving deeply into some of the more complex outstanding issues, rather than picking the low-hanging fruit.

DrupalCon NOLA Tuesday call to action - migration sprints

Again, in the interests of timeliness I'll stick to a simple chronological wrapup of the day. And in the interests of of-course-everyone-cares-what-Mike-eats, I will continue subjecting you to my culinary adventures - breakfast at the Clover Grill in the midst of tourist land (Bourbon Street). Good, basic diner food - eggs over easy with bacon and hash browns, the primary goal here was to make it quick and get to the convention center in time for the prenote (which I have somehow never managed to rouse myself in time for at previous DrupalCons).

My next steps for Drupal 8 migration

To expand on the “Going forward” section of my last blog post, there’s still a lot of work to be done to get the migration ecosystem for Drupal 8 up to the level it was for Drupal 7 - as well as taking it beyond, as I believe the D8 architecture enables far more powerful and flexible tools. As an independent consultant, I have a more flexible schedule and more time for pure community work, but with great flexibility comes great… dithering.

MidCamp 2016

As a newly-minted midwestern Drupal shop, having this year's MidCamp taking place the very week of my transition was irresistible. So, on St. Patrick's Day I hopped on the Saluki to Chicago (alas, too late to see the green river). I did, however, arrive in time to catch a couple hours of the training day sprint, where I met dawehner face-to-face for the first time (one of the great things about cons and camps is, of course, putting faces to names). Topped off the day with a meat & three at County BBQ - their brisket was if anything even more tender than Pat's back home in Murphysboro, but not quite as tasty.

A personal migration

All things must pass... After four and a half years with Acquia, the time is ripe for me to return to the consulting world. I've resurrected a pre-Drupal d.b.a., Virtuoso Performance, and will be doing Drupal migration consulting under that moniker going forward. I appreciate my time at Acquia - I've learned a lot, and worked with some great people - but I miss the freedom and flexibility of consulting.

Business models

Generally, in the past I've been involved in migration projects from end-to-end:
  1. Analyzing source data, and working with site-builders and stakeholders to work out what legacy data maps to what Drupal entities.
  2. Architecting the migration implementation - figuring out an optimal class hierarchy, constructing the initial implementation, etc.