Updates on Migrate and my site

I've been quiet for a while, so some updates. First off, this site. As part of the IMP initiative to add the Migrate framework to core in Drupal 8, supporting the upgrade process from 6 and 7, I plan on spinning up a Drupal 8 version of this (currently Drupal 6) site and start running migrations from my live site into it. I will also try to increase my frequency of posts here to help provide some more content for that migration - while my more formal and substantive Drupal-related posts will continue to appear on acquia.com, I'll be adding more personal posts (vacation photos! Everyone loves those!) and maybe some lower-bandwidth Drupal commentary (in particular updates on the migration effort for mikeryan.name). Speaking of IMP (and vacation photos) - I was off on a 2-week vacation with my wife in mid-March, and naturally have been catching up on customer projects since returning, so haven't contributed for a few weeks. chx and team have continued to make great progress, in particular getting a massive update of the sandbox work on the underlying API committed to core. I should be more active in the IMP effort in the coming months. Now, what about the Migrate ecosystem on Drupal 7? I'm afraid I've let the issue queues for migrate, migrate_d2d, and wordpress_migrate lie neglected in recent months. My normal workflow for community projects in the past has been to address simple or urgent issues as they come in (within a day or two, anyway) and periodically devote a concentrated session - a day, or at least a half-day - to catch up on any bigger or less urgent issues. Unfortunately, between project work and IMP I haven't been able to carve out time for a focused session, or keep up very well with incoming issues. So, I need to adjust my work habits here - going forward, I will try to return to responding to new issues (at least bug reports and quick answers) within a couple of days, and do more frequent mini-sessions (like an hour at a time a few days a week) to work through the backlog. In terms of addressing the backlog, bug reports and support requests will come first, followed by tasks and feature requests. And I'll be working mostly with Migrate itself initially, catching up with migrate_d2d and wordpress_migrate once I feel the most important issues have been answered there. Release-wise, the migration modules have been in RC a long time now. My issue triage is emphasizing things I want to address for the next release, and hopefully it won't be long before there are RC2 releases for all - after that, I don't want to wait more than a couple of weeks before final release, assuming no major issues are identified. Going forward, once the 2.6 set of releases is out, the Drupal 7 modules will basically be in maintenance mode - I will address bug reports and support requests, but don't anticipate adding much in the way of new features in Drupal 7. I feel that the Migrate architecture is reasonably feature-complete at this point - the framework-level feature requests I've been seeing in the last year (admitting that I haven't fully caught up on the most recent ones) mainly address narrow use cases that I would prefer to leave to applications to address, rather than adding more complexity to the underlying framework. The UI is another matter - there are a lot of changes and new functionality here in 2.6, and it definitely could use further work. I, however, will not have time to do that work, as I will be more fully committed to the Drupal 8 effort - any further growth in that direction will need to come from the community. Happy migrating!