Update on migration in Drupal 7

A quick update on where the migration-related modules I maintain on Drupal 7 (migrate, migrate_d2d, and wordpress_migrate) stand now, to help set people's expectations of the level of support they can expect in the issue queues. There are two main points:

  1. I am now officially working full-time on migration in Drupal 8, for the time being (I'll have a blog post with details on that work shortly).
  2. I feel that the Drupal 7 migration modules are pretty much functionally complete.

The first means I don't have much time available for Drupal 7 work - I do try to have a weekly session to catch up on the issue queues (ideally Friday) but can't guarantee that will happen every week, or that I'll get all the way through the recent issues when it does. The second means that feature requests have a high bar to reach to be considered for acceptance. I've previously stated this for Migrate itself, but it applies to all three modules - feature requests are unlikely to get in without:

  1. A justification that the feature is generally useful (and not just addressing a very narrow use case),
  2. Demonstration that the desired outcome is not achievable (at least without considerable effort) using existing functionality, and
  3. A patch (ideally reviewed & tested by the community).

I will continue to do my best to address bug reports and support requests on a weekly basis. Of course, we are part of an open-source community here - other people knowledgeable in Drupal migration are more than welcome to help with incoming questions. Thanks for your understanding.