Migration sprinting at DrupalCon NOLA

New Orleans DrupalCon is approaching rapidly - I can hardly believe that a week from tomorrow I'll be riding on the City of New Orleans. New Orleans is, of course, an amazing city - all of America distilled into a spicy gumbo (OK, I'm mixing my metaphors - in true NOLA spirit). It's a shame we're not overlapping with Jazz Fest (which I've experienced three wonderful times), but maybe this time I'll have time and energy left to check out a club or two on Frenchman Street. And... oh, right, this is a post about DrupalCon...

So let's sprint on Drupal 8 migration! The migration system is still experimental - this means that it is still open to backwards-compatibility-breaking changes (i.e., contrib or custom modules relying on these core APIs may be required to make code changes across Drupal minor releases). We'd like to get past the experimental stage sooner rather than later, so migration implementors can rely on a stable API. Thus, what I'd like to emphasize in this sprint are those issues in the core queue which have potential BC breaks, to get a good jumpstart towards the goal of having the API stable by the 8.2.0-beta1 release in August.

Sprint with us!

If you'd like to participate in the sprint (and you can do it remotely if you like), be sure to sign up in the sprint attendance spreadsheet. Also, I've set up a sheet listing potential BC-breaking issues I've identified (along with a few additional topics) to help do some triage beforehand.

In preparation, it'll also be great to make sure at least those issues in the triage sheet have complete and up-to-date issue summaries, so sprinters can pick up an issue and get started right on it without losing time trying to understand what it's about. You don't have to be a sprinter - anyone can help out here (as well as with the rest of the migration issues in the queue)!