Migration contribution catch-up plan

Well, what with an increase in client work and a move halfway across the country (Somerville Mass to Murphysboro Illinois), I'm afraid I've fallen further behind on the issue queues for migrate, migrate_d2d, and wordpress_migrate. It's been a bit of struggle to triage the queues, so to somewhat automate the which-issue-to-work-on-next process, I'm reducing it to an algorithm (each step of which will be applied to migrate, migrate_d2d, and wordpress_migrate in that order).

  1. Bug reports with patches (needs review, rtbc), oldest to newest
  2. Other bug reports, oldest to newest
  3. Other issues with patches (needs review, rtbc), oldest to newest
  4. Triage of support requests to make sure no bugs are lurking there

At that point, I plan on cutting release candidates for all three modules. Hopefully at that point I'll be able to start doing a better job of responding to new issues as they come in. Hard to say when I'll have a chance to review and respond to older support and feature requests, though, it'll depend on my workload (but of course I'm not the only one in the community capable of helping out with support requests - hint hint). Thank you. Edit: Let's keep track of where I am... I'll also note that not all issues will necessarily get committed/closed, there will be some triage as I go along and not everything will make the cut for Migrate 2.6 and the corresponding migrate_d2d/wordpress_migrate releases.

  1. Bug reports with patches, migrate
  2. Bug reports with patches, migrate_d2d
  3. Bug reports with patches, wordpress_migrate
  4. Other active bug reports, migrate
  5. Other active bug reports, migrate_d2d
  6. Other active bug reports, wordpress_migrate
  7. Other issues with patches, migrate
  8. Other issues with patches, migrate_d2d
  9. Other issues with patches, wordpress_migrate
  10. Triage of support requests, migrate
  11. Triage of support requests, migrate_d2d
  12. Triage of support requests, wordpress_migrate


You'll see all the steps above are crossed out - we're oh so close now! I'm going to make one last full pass through each module in turn before releasing RCs of migrate and migrate_d2d, and a beta of wordpress_migrate (which has had significant refactoring that hasn't had a good shakeout in the community).

<a href="wordpress_migrate">https://www.drupal.org/node/2394251">wordpress_migrate beta2</a> is now available. I released this as a beta rather than a release candidate because of the significant refactoring since beta1, it needs more of a shake-out.

So, barring any major issues arising, Migrate 2.6 should be released by the end of the week. I had hoped to get migrate_d2d 2.1 out by Christmas, but I'm not sure that's enough time from the RC release. Per above, wordpress_migrate will take a little more time - hopefully an RC early in the new year and 2.3 release within a few weeks of that.