Drupalcon summary

This may be slightly out of order, since I've still got a ways to go in blogging my notes on the specific sessions I attended at Drupalcon, but I want to get my overall thoughts and impressions out as quickly as possible.

First, expanding on my comment on Drupal.org - I'm re-entering the Drupal community after some time away, and it feels so right... There are some acknowledgements I need to make:

First and foremost, my significant other SIGNIFICANT Other, Sarah Richards, has been supportive above-and-beyond of the time I've spent Drupaling on top of my day job (and of the constant whining over how little time I have left to do all the other things I want to do). I hope her patience continues, because I have a lot of catching up to do in the Drupal world. And I hope some non-profit working on progressive change out there can use an anthropologist with project management experience (contact me if you can...).

Secondly, Moshe Weitzman, who's been supportive of my individual consulting in the past, and now has invited me to join him in Cyrve. Moshe is a true Drupal Rockstar - I'm a bass player, in a supporting role now but aspiring to the front line - I'm really looking forward to working with Moshe, as well as making my own splash in the Drupal community.

Thirdly, the people at my current day job (especially my boss) have been very supportive. They knew where I came from, and that it was inevitable I would end up going back - and allowed me to attend Drupalcon and work remotely (if you saw me furiously banging away at the laptop (another acknowledgement for Sarah, it was her laptop (Sacre bleu! A web developer without his own laptop!)) between Drupalcon sessions, I was doing my best to fulfill my day job commitments).

Anyway - Drupalcon was a great experience, between day job commitments and the simple fact that generally out of four main tracks there were at any given time 2-4 sessions I was interested in, I only skimmed the surface... It's all too much! I'll be tracking down the session videos and catching up. One special shoutout to pingVision's presentation on the Popular Science migration to Drupal... Moshe and I were fortunate enough to lunch with Kevin and John, lots to learn from their experience...

Thanks to everyone involved in organizing Drupalcon Boston, and.... well, let's skip multiple subservient phrases and just thank everyone who's contributed to Drupal in any way... OK, a special shoutout to Kieran, who by all accounts did an incredible amount of work in making this happen...