Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 migration completed! (mostly)

Just had to share this major milestone - 10 minutes ago (as I type this, not as I publish it) I performed the first complete* migration of my Drupal 6 site into my Drupal 8 development environment (running the ui_poc branch of the IMP sandbox, plus a few patches to be submitted/committed). * "Complete" meaning all user accounts, nodes, comments, and files (including image references within nodes) were migrated - plenty of details yet to be worked out. Here's a shot from the D8 homepage: Yes, clearly there's a timezone issue to deal with in importing the dates...



Just some more comments, since I submitted hastily in my excitement...

First off, my main contribution here is the UI - most of the framework has been done by chx and the rest of the team (git log for the details).

The main issue for the UI work is https://drupal.org/node/2200379 - by all means share your feedback.

As I implied above, to do what I did you need the ui_poc branch plus some patches - once there's a complete stable branch you can pull to try it out I'll announce it here.